An Identifiable Regional Cuisine

cico_3The Cast Iron Cook-Off® celebrates many aspects of Appalachian heritage and culture. Importantly, it has demonstrated that West Virginians need look no further than their own backyard to find tantalizing gourmet fare. Says Duane Legg of the Culinary Federation, “You see the chefs prepare items they have served throughout West Virginia, and it’s absolutely amazing to realize that the level of culinary skill here exceeds the skills in some larger cities. That truly makes West Virginia a culinary destination.”

These observations on the cast Iron Cook-Off are excerpted from New Appalachian Cuisine The Cast Iron Cook-Off, an article by Travis Vandal in Wonderful West Virginia, published by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.
Travis Vandal is a seventh-grade English teacher and writer who traveled to all 55 counties in West Virginia in 2008. A photograph book of his travels is in the works.
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