Chef Brian Covell

Chef Covell is not simply an excellent chef but also an instructor at Monongalia County Technical Education Center in Morgantown where he works tirelessly to challenge students’ expectations while embracing great colors and textures and influencing the way they view and taste food.

Chef Covell transforms fresh-from-the-land ingredients into dishes that are both familiar and brand new. They are inspired by the local fare eaten in the Appalachians for centuries, a cuisine born from a deep love of the land – firmly rooted in regional traditions with a contemporary twist. Some of his ingredients are unexpected to those who have forgotten or never experienced the practical magic of Appalachian food ways.

Chef Brian Matthew Covell has an infectious passion for food of every kind that is evident through his culinary versatility, and he possesses a remarkable ability to create and retain the individual character of each of his dishes, insisting on quality and uniqueness.