Chef Nate Breeding

Nate began his career in Abingdon, VA at a small cafe named The Starving Artist. At this time his mentor, Chef Shawn Crookshank taught him the classical techniques of the culinary field, he also ingrained in the true poetic romance that is the culinary industry, and the importance of the community and bringing people together with good food and libations, also showing him the passion and spirit that embodies the culinary community. Chef Breeding graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Whales in Charleston, SC. Going on to work with renowned Charleston Chefs such as Chef Chris Brant of The Ocean Room, Chef Fred Neuville of Ru de Jean and The Fat Hen, and Chef Brett McKee of Oak Steakhouse. Nate then had the honor of joining the list of chefs that have attended the James Beard Foundation in Greenwich Village, NY. He was heavily influenced by Chef John Whisenant of Ru de Jean, who endowed him with the skill and art of traditional Japanese sushi techniques. He later went on to work with Chef Daniel Caruso of the Woodlands and Executive Chef at J Paulz, working under him as the Sous Chef. He then returned to work for Chef Fred Neuville at his newly opened low country restaurant The Fat Hen, during this time working his way up to become sous chef. Deciding to move back home, Nate took a job under Chef Jassen Campbell as sous chef at the House on Main in Abingdon Virginia. Eventually taken over The House On Main as Executive Chef and the restaurant was ranked as one of the top three places for continental cuisine in Southwest Virginia. Next up for Chef Breeding was the Executive Chef at Glenrochie Golf Club in Abingdon Virginia, during this time he lead a team of six at the Cast Iron Cook Off in West Virginia. Nate is now the creator and proprietor of Southern Culture Farm To Table Food Service. Which strives to become a support network for local economies, help strengthen the slow food movement, and to further educate the importance of community, the passion of life, and the soul of southern hospitality