Junior Cast Iron Cook-Off

This cook-off will feature up to eight teams of high school students and a mentor, following a similar basic format as the regular cook-off.

  • jr_cico_ps1
    Pro-Start Students working together.
  • jr_cico_ps6
    Pro-Start Students plating
  • jr_cico_ps4
    Pro-Start Student cooking
  • jr_cico_ps5
    Pro-Start team working together with a signature dish.
  • jr_cico_ps7
    Successful plating
  • jr_cico_ps3
    Rabbit Confit as created by a Pro-Start Student
  • jr_cico_ps2
    Pro-Start Students with Pro-Start Teacher and chef mentor (2011)

Sponsors of the 2017 Cast Iron Cook-Off®


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Partners of the 2017 Cast Iron Cook-Off®

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