The Throwdown

The Cast Iron Cook-Off® features special events that take the creativity and spirited competition to a new level.One of these, the Cast Iron Throwdown™, brings the three top teams from 2012, who finished within 1.5 points of each other, together in a head-to-head competition. Prizes include significant statewide recognition, a cast iron skillet trophy, and a return stay at the Greenbrier.

Team Structure
          Each team consists of:
  • The Executive Chef and a professional sous chef
  • Seven (7) amateur, prep chefs—plus one ProStart student—(8) total
  • Three (3) professional servers for the chef’s table luncheon guests
  • throwdownDSC_3309
  • throwdownDSC_3153
  • throwdownDSC_3347
  • throwdownDSC_3328
  • throwdownDSC_3256
  • throwdownDSC_3232
  • throwdownDSC_3308
  • throwdownDSC_3447
  • throwdownDSC_3316
  • throwdownDSC_3344
  • throwdownDSC_3363
  • throwdownDSC_3364
  • throwdownDSC_3356
  • throwdownDSC_3261
  • throwdownDSC_3273
  • throwdownDSC_3403